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Listings history

Listing History Information

Elevate your trade-in assessments with insightful decisions that optimize your dealership's inventory. Explore pricing dynamics, discover previous sale locations, track odometer readings, and unveil seller information. Our platform allows you to uncover the complete history of each listing, ensuring a seamless and advantageous trade-in experience for your dealership.


Car Images History

Specializing in collecting and preserving images associated with each vehicle, we provide an invaluable resource to enhance your understanding of trade-ins. This enables you to have a complete and accurate portrayal of each vehicle's condition and appearance. Embrace the convenience of visual insights for a seamless trade-in assessment process.

Auction info

Auction Information & Images

In instances where a vehicle has undergone auction, we meticulously gather data on damages and overall condition. Our commitment extends to offering details about auction images, enabling you to visually assess the impact of any past incidents. This comprehensive resource empowers you with valuable information, ensuring a deeper understanding of a car's history.

Registration info

Car Registration Information

Discover details about where the vehicle was previously registered, offering a glimpse into its past. Uncover valuable registration data to enhance your overall understanding of each car's background.

Title info

Title History

We possess in-depth knowledge of the title type, tracing its evolution over time. Whether transitioning from a clear title to a rebuilt one, we provide a comprehensive history, offering insights into the dynamic nature of a car's title status changes.

Previous owners

Ownership Information

Gain clarity on the number of owners, along with details on when each purchase occurred and in which state. Our meticulous tracking ensures a comprehensive understanding of the car's ownership history, empowering you with valuable information for a more informed decision-making process.

Before-After photos

Before-After Photo Comparison

Explore our unique "Before-After Photo Comparison" feature, simplifying the analysis of automotive transformations. Effortlessly compare auction photos with updated ones showcasing restored vehicles. This special feature is designed to assist users in understanding and evaluating changes in the automotive inventory before finalizing a purchase.

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